Alocasia dormancy

Hey guys ☺

I was hesitating to share my information about alocasia dormancy confusion or write a few funny massages what Im receiving on a weekly basis😅 the first won.

So! I saw on Facebook way too many times that this is very confusing for many people expecially when they little baby start loosing leafs.

First thing first, they dont go dormant just because your calendar says it's winter next week. That's not how it's works. If the temperature does not drop below +15C, its no way for your alocasia to sleep trough the winter. If it was me, I would be very concerned about my plant health. If you keep it outside, or in a conservatory, there is a possibility yes. But let's face it: which one of us dare to keep an anthoro or a variegated macrorrhiza in a conservatory during winter? 😂

What I suggest in this case is root check! It's a golden rule, especially with alocasias. They can rot extremely quickly and if you are not familiar with the signs, your plant would be propably a rhizome just to start again. So soil check, soil check and just to be sure you doing the right thing, soil check again. If it's still moist or omg wet, forget about watering it for a few days but at least until the soil is dry. This is important!

The other thing could be lack of nutrition or too much nutrition. Lack of sun or too much sun light. Could be pests or mould... The reasons are endless but also negligible.

Overwatering is the most common problem. Don't convince yourself saying you just love your plant😂 if you really love it, than leave it alone for a while.


Cynthia (also an overwaterer)

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