Foot candle and lux light meter

Good Morning everyone.. my morning wasn`t that good to be honest.

Yesterday I've got my first philodendron lynnhannoniae. I potted, I pampered and I found a perfect place for them..I believed I found the perfect place till this morning... This morning (the right picture) this sight was waiting for me. Looks like somebody eat them and then barf it back with a pinch of sun burn.

I started to read more about this plant, obviously I had no idea what I'm doing, that's how I found the lux meter app in playstore (android) and started to find out what "shade" means to this plant.

Basically shade = 2500-4000 lux meter. But what is lux meter? I had to search more...

20-30 foot candle is 2000-3000 lux meter.. ok..that's something.. lets put all the knowledge together and find out where this plant would be happy?

I downloaded the app and after a 10 seconds calculation realized, I simply burned poor thing under a few hours... :( shit!!!

I found the darkest place in my room and I moved them there..but its looks way to dark! or?! Where is the lux meter? IT`S PERFECT! Under the shelf, far away from any window or grow light where you don't even want to keep your velvet calathea or fern, this plant (looks like) find its forever home...Well, from the edge its only one way ( ok, 2 ways, but lets don't be pessimist)

Highly suggest for all of you guys to download this app and use it. Its a life saving..for your plants..

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