How I ship my plants?

Hello All,

This is a constant question I've get and I completely understand. We all would like to know what can we expect and how the plant will be shipped.

In winter time I only ship with extra heat pack (40h). I believe this is a MUST when the weather is so cold.

If I keep the plant in pon/leca etc (in heavy substrate) than I prefer not to ship as is, while accidents can happen and the plant could be damaged very easy, no matter how careful I pack it, I can't guarantee that the courier care about my fragile tape/sticker.

In this case I wrap the roots in most towel/moss and them in plastic wrap to keep the roots moist.

I try my best to only use recycled/recyclable packing stuff but in winter I also use white stuffing foam for extra protection. I wrap my plants in this foam and brown paper, I make sure that the plant can't move in this package, than pack them in a lovely recycled/recyclable box with extra brown paper as protection. I wrap the heat pack and place it near the plant making sure that it can't move and damage the plant.

I close the box with brown paper tape and label it 🙂

Next time I will take a few pictures to show you🤗

If something goes wrong (sometimes sh!t happens, no matter what) you can return to me for a refund.

Take care guys and speak you soon ❤


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