Hi All you lovely people :) Let me introduce my self, my name is Cynthia and I'm a plant fanatic.

I started my own business 5 years after I came to UK and realized, what was missing from my life. It`s simple, PLANTS. I was grown up in a jungle with my mom and always seems so normal having thousands of plants around me, I didn't even realised how important is to me until I had one month off during COVID-19 ( I was working trough the pandemic except one month). I was sitting on the couch, looked around and I felt, something is missing, but what? ohmygod..plants!! THAT`S IT! So I started to buy cheap plants from a local nursery, joined in many plant related Facebook group and I met so many lovely people. They were all nice and friendly with me, I wanted to be part of this community.

Of course, after the first step we all thinking about the 3rd step. That's how I felt as well.. I just needed more and more plants. One shelf followed the second one and the third one and I get obsessed about these green living things.

After a mental and physical breakdown at my workplace, I had to find all my strength to close that part of my life and start a fresh, peaceful new part.

Thanks for my husband, he came up with this idea, why not to make my hobby to my new job? So I did and I will be grateful for his idea forever.

I try to make my customer happy as possible. I'm always here if they need help with they plant, just as if they want to talk with another rare plant maniac.

I managed find myself in a calm and peaceful environment as never before.

This is the story of my new beginning:)

Thank you for being here.

Don't forget: one plant is not plant and fish is basically vegie ;)


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