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Hey Guys,

Long time now. Recently had a bad experience so I wanted to share this with you.

Not long time ago, I sold a quite expensive plant for a lovely lady. Upon receipt she came back to me saying the plant been damaged and she's not happy. I apologised best as I couldn't and suggested her to return to me or keep it and I will will try my best to help her to make the plant happy and healthy again. She choose to keep it.

I had no idea how terrible weeks will come after my suggestion. She kept massaging me day after day. I felt like I sold a hight experienced required plant to someone who cannot water it without me. I felt stressed and exhausted after 3 weeks. Even if I tried my best, I told her everything what I've learned during my life, it just doesn't helped. The plant died.

This could be a hard time for all of us, I understand, I also lost many plants that cost me a fortune. I know it's difficult to get over it and step forward....especially when you find yourself in the middle of a claim.

My shop policy been PayPal. The customer won the case.

Well, life is hard sometimes, we have to live with that.. but we can not live with bullying..that was the last drop.

I had to complain for PayPal and reopen the case. After a few long long hours, I won the case. I'm really sorry for this lady, I do not wish anybody this, but the rules are rules.

Well... never ever order from a plant shop before you have read the terms and conditions. Sometimes you will feel that the shop only wants your money and doesn't care about plant. Sometimes you

will find a "perfect for me" policy.

You can always email or massage the shop asking for more information and about terms and conditions, it's not a shame! At least you will see from who do you wanted to buy a plant.

From the other side, if a shop says that no guarantee in case that roots been bothered, repoted,chopped think about this for a second. Would you like to refund someone who just purchased let's say a book from you and ripped the pages, painted on it ? I don't think so.

That's one of the reasons why many plant shops don't give you a refund if you don't return the plant. Why does anyone on this earth should refund money for something that wasn't returned? That's the evidence that the plant is in a bad shape. (Also many people just make fun of this, I think it's kind a "hobby" but this is another story)

I saw many things guys, more than I've ever wished and let me tell you something: you can get more than you could imagine with kindness.

That's the key!

We are also humans and none of us want a bad reputation. We also work for that money, believe me. We only want the best for our customers.

Be kind and straightforward. We appreciate that.



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