Scindapsus silvery ann vs silver lady

scindapsus silver lady rare plants

I was about to update my website ( silver lady is now ready to find her forever home). I was staring at the pictures I took..Am I the only one who's confused by scindapsus? Silver hero is obviously silver ( hah, logic) silvery ann definitely more silvery than silver lady, but if we don't have silver lady and treubii exotica near each other, no one will see the difference ( and btw for me, that's the only difference, exotica is almost double sized.. for half price :P) Don't be scared, I wont ship exotica instead silver lady in any circumstance.

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Hello All, This is a constant question I've get and I completely understand. We all would like to know what can we expect and how the plant will be shipped. In winter time I only ship with extra heat