The Karen logic (customer states, part1)

Long time ago in a galaxy far far away, deep in a mountain where no other humans been lived before, a girl started a new hobby/business: selling plants for people from other planets. Some of them was lovely and respectful, real gems, but some of them...well...not that nice as the girl expected.

One day a new customer made a purchase for a one leaf peperomia pink lady cutting on ebay. The girl knew that ebay can be a dangerous place and she can get burn quickly, but as always, she convinced herself, this is just her regular pessimistic nature and nothing wrong can happen... she was wrong again...

9:00 Customer purchase a leaf cutting

9:01 Customer want the seller to cancell the order

9:02 Customer states that it was an accident, and he/she never wanted to buy the cutting

9:03 Customer realised, she/he are capable to cancell an order without any help

9:10 Seller accepted the cancellation

10:15 Customer states that it was a missleading by the seller, she/he wanted a full plant for the price of a one leaf cutting and now she/he is disappointed! And why customers should be read the description if they can just check the picture? IT'S ALL THE SELLERS FAULT!!!

The girl had no doubts that this isn't the end and not even close to the worst what ebay can give her.

Customer states: I ordered a plant but it did not arrived in a condition as I expected.

"Not a problem!"the girls said not knowing what kind of storm she just generated. "Just return to me if you are not happy", she said. The customer decided to keep the plant, while only 1 leaf get damaged and roots were happy... the girl believed that the roots were happy, but she had no idea that the customer repotted the plant straight away.

One week later the customer decided that she/he doesn't like how the plant looks like and want to return it. The girl politely told the customer to read the shop policy especially the part about repotting. That was a big mistake! How dare the girl was to ask the customer to do anything??!! Now the customer get angry and wanted a full refund without returning the plant!

The girl left with no other option than BLOCKING these people out from her life forever!😇

Some people simply fell better if You feel bad. It's nothing to do against it, we must move on and ignore these people otherwise you can end up in a mental asylums soft white room. Try your best to make customers happy, but if it's impossible..well..than it's not possible. I will try to avoid The Karens but till than, I will still sleep as a baby 👶

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